About Us

The IntegratED conference (IPDX) started 20 years ago when a band of scrappy educators wanted to provide schools with a supportive community where they could collaborate and develop practical strategies for better integration of technology into teaching and learning. It was deemed a “working conference for educators.”

Carrying on the Tradition
The Cascade Technology Alliance, with support from the High Desert and Clackamas ESDs, will be working collaboratively to drive the next iteration of IntegratED Portland.

After a year of all years, the “working conference for educators” spirit of iPDX21 will remain but we think it’s time to collaborate over a different set of school stakeholder needs. To guide this vision we have developed a list of focus areas that #iPDX21 will be designed around.

Social & Emotional Learning

Encouraging intentional changes in school culture, classroom strategies, and individual mindfulness to improve social and emotional growth and support.

Connecting With Families & Students

Identifying the best ways to differentiate and personalize instruction for students who learn and think differently, all the while communicating with families to build advocacy and trusting support.

Equity, Choice, & Flexibility

Strategy-based sessions that encourage:

  1. Turning dialogue – and intention – into action to help historically underrepresented groups succeed
  2. Offer opportunities for student agency in learning paths and stages for proving proficiency
  3. Foster nimble environments that support different timelines, spaces, and offerings
Instruction and Feedback On Student Work

Providing students with meaningful feedback to enhance student learning, iteration, and achievement.

COVID Conversations

What have we learned? Where are we going? After this year we need to capture more than ever the moment, and what should be learned.